mySQL list modified procedures

Recently I had a requirement where I needed to update stored procedure on the server to reflect my local changes and we had a huge number of stored procedure,
so I was trying to list stored procedures which have been modified after a specific date. In this tip I am going to share that SQL query with you. 🙂

mySQL provides a [SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS] query using this we see the Modified column but we can not sort by Modified.
So I created a small query that will list all the stored procedures that have been modified after a specific date. For this I have used [information_schema] DB’s [ROUTINES] table.

INFORMATION_SCHEMA is the information database, the place that stores information about all the other databases that the MySQL server maintains. [1]

FROM   `information_schema`.`ROUTINES` 
       AND `ROUTINES`.`LAST_ALTERED` > '2015-01-01' 


Running this query will list out all the stored procedures modified after a specific date and whose name are like ‘%sp_xyz%‘. Hope this saves some time for you.


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