Windows 7 Taskbar shortcut group for a folder

I pin any application to taskbar which I frequently use. But after some application the taskbar is full. How good it will be if one group is there and on clicking that we see all the applications in that group. for example lets say I want to group all browsers (Chrome,FF,IE,Safari) in one group. How cool that will be and we will be using less space on taskbar. In this article I will try to give you an idea so that you can have shortcuts for a group of applications.

Step 1 : Make shortcuts for all the applications you want to group and put them in one folder give a meaning full name to that folder. Lets say I create a folder named browsers and keep all browser’s shortcut in that folder.


Step 2 : Right click on the task bar, go to Toolbars, then click on New toolbar…


Step 3 : On clicking on New toolbar… you will get a folder selection window locate the newly created folder and select that folder.


Step 4: See at the right side of toolbar you will find the folder name click on the arrow beside that. and you will find that all the applications are listed. Click on the required application.



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